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We Noticed a

Joint venture developments come to life when there’s a shared impetus to move forward. That’s why we enter partnerships that are mutually beneficial, with new and energetic visionaries that match our appetite for innovation. All our new opportunities benefit from our honed business models and strategies, through the services of the Masci Services Group: business structure & management, accounts & financial planning, modelling, and administration & sales.


We Set Out to Make a Change

When all aspects of a business are in sync, magic happens. That’s why we invest in ourselves and our team in equal measure. It’s why we pour our energy into our core strengths to master what we know. With the guidance of expert coaches we’ve launched an internal coaching and mentoring programme to lay the foundations for success companywide.

“How are we being awesome?” isn’t just something we ask ourselves each morning. It’s what pushes us into new creative territories, and challenges us to leap over the precipice of what’s possible. That’s how our name has become synonymous with growth, innovation, and change.


We Put Our Energy
Into Growth 

We put everything we learn into the most powerful assets we possess – ourselves. A vibrant community, shared philosophy, and culture of sharing knowledge is the result. Focusing on strengths and leadership is passed on to all in our team, which translates to an awesome flow and replicated work ethic throughout all the Masci Group teams. Daily meditation helps us to narrow our sights and expand our imagination; you’ll find a dedicated meditation room in our offices where we hold group meditation sessions so that we can all stay on the path to creative freedom. With an enlightened state of mind we set out to make big changes in a number of sectors, including:


· Commercial construction
· Residential construction architecture
· Property development
· Funds management


We’re ready to do the same for you

Masci Group and our partners grow in tandem with each other – constantly learning, growing, and implementing strategies that keep us on an upward trajectory.
It’s time to take on whatever the future holds not just as teams, but as individuals.


Interface Constructions specialises in commercial building, from fuel sites and office builds to school developments and aged care facilities.

Masci Services Group is our service company that facilitates all financial services and support, administrative, sales and marketing to our group

Masci Property Group discovers JV partners for property acquisition for development within the commercial, residential and industrial sector.

8Architecture provides innovative design and architectural services across all sectors within the construction industry

Multi Civ is our residential low to medium rise apartment and townhouse construction arm.

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